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New name New design



I changed the name of my blog from Ars Brevis Vita Longa to Polyglossia.  The reason was two fold.  First, Ars Brevis Vita Longa, or the original Ars Longa Vita Brevis is already the name of hundreds of other blogs, whereas Polyglossia is shared only by one other blog.  Secondly, I feel that Polyglossia suits my blog better.

Polyglossia is  a word coined by the russian literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin, meaning the existence of several languages in a single area, or in other words, the circumstances that allow one person or group of people to express themselves in more than one language.  What does that exactly mean?  It means literally that I will be using my blog to introduce both a translation of Japanese texts and Japanese culture.  Polyglossia also means to me not only the coexistence of separate languages in the same way that Japanese and English are separate languages, but also the languages of say literary studies and economics, a kind of interdisciplinary combination of specialized languages.  With this in mind, I hope to use my blog as a way of  introducing what is interesting to me by showing how it relates to other fields of study and general interest.

Also I was inspired to make a new banner for the blog in the style of Swiss Typographist Emil Ruder who was recently featured in the Japanese magazine IDEA.  His work is characterized by minimalism and the use of white space as a structural element.  Here are some examples of some of my favorite designs he made.



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