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My swallow it before they can seen the pain in my face tooth for chocolate


Yesterday I had milk chocolate for the first time in a long time.  Given a choice, I almost always eat dark chocolate.  I always just wrote it off as a, I have more developed taste buds than you, kind of thing (I’ve been eating Pâté since kindergarden).  And I probably do, but yesterday I was given reason to doubt.

Recently I went to the dentist, also a first in a long time.  I went because my lower right wisdom tooth was bothering me; it just needed cleaning.  Content with the diagnosis I prepared to leave only to be sat back down and told that the upper left one had a cavity; my first.  I got it cleaned and suddenly realized that for years, at least three, that tooth hurt whenever I ate something sweet/cold/hot/anything.

Which brings us to yesterday when I ate milk chocolate again for the first time in… three years.  Could my dislike of milk chocolate be linked to the fact that it caused me excruciating pain?  Could the fact that even having gone to the dentist I had failed to mention the tooth that had been bothering me for years suggest that I was also failing to look at the “root” cause of my dislike for milk chocolate?  Who knows, either way I ate the whole bag.

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