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I took a visit to Ginza today in search of an art gallery called Mori Yu Gallery. After walking in the same circle three times I realized I had put the address down incorrectly and proceeded to retreat despondent to the nearest subway station. That was until the small Ono Art Gallery, only two rooms, caught my eye. The artist on display was Sonoki Ito. Ito-san herself was there and she told me about her works and a little bit about herself in the 5 minute mini-interview she gave me.

Ito-san’s collection of work on display was almost entirely of her apple shaped character, Pomeri. The Pomeri she had on display were of all different colors and sizes, each one made to have its own character. Together, she says, they form the Pomeri Town. The name came to her from the french word for apple, pomme. Her work as an artist, she said, began in 2002. At the time, she was involved in academic work when she came to a crossroad in her life. Rather than spend her life in the world of books and ideas, she wanted to do something more “pop,” something that allowed her to express her creativity and individuality. Her hope is that people who see her work will be brought to think about their own life and about what it means to live. She says though that more than anything she wants to impart on people the importance of not losing one’s individuality.

When I asked her how she came up with the idea for using apples, she said that it just came to her one day. She says, apples themselves are already living things, but by giving them feet and arms and a face, they become a new life, they become something people can relate to. The clothing It0-san was wearing was also all hand made, all designed in the Pomeri style, though she only gets to wear them on special occasions. “I consider myself a Pomeri,” she says.

Sonoko Ito-san’s Website:サイト/HOME.html

小野美術画廊 Ono Art Gallery

Tokyo, Chuo Ward, Ginza 3-14-2 Shiratori Building First Floor.


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