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Clever Advertising on Tokyo Trains / 気の利いた広告


So now that I have a real job and can’t spend all day writing movie reviews, let alone watch movies to review, I’ve had to find something else to write about. One of the things I noticed a long time ago, back from my days in Nagoya, was that Japanese trains are filled with clever advertising campaigns. Sure there are your run-of-the-mill posters, but every once in a while you get something that really takes you off guard. I’ve been trying to take photos of some of these posters but they keep changing and the ones that I really wanted to show are now gone. Nonetheless here are a few photos of some advertising campaigns that seem to challenge what is to be expected from a poster.

The above poster is more like a sticker stuck to the wall of the train. It advertises an alcoholic beverage that is so STRONG it literally bursts into 3D!

The above poster is, as you can see, see-through. It advertises refills for a line of hair products for men. You can think of it as a kind of visual pun, just as the poster lacks filling, when your bottle of hair spray is empty, don’t buy a whole new one, just get a refill.

This is actually my favorite of the three. Unfortunately I took the photo in a crowded train with my cellphone and it’s all blurry. It’s hard to tell but the man shown is suffering from an itchy nose. He’s scratched it so much that the poster has become torn. Silly guy-in-a-poster, poster-men can’t scratch their noses! The poster is actually appropriately scored.




2番目のポスターはFOG BARの「おかわり」を広告しているものです。瓶が空になったら「おかわり」を買って下さいという意味だと思います。面白いのは、瓶と同じようにポスター自体も空になっているというところです。


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