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Marco is HUGE in Japan



Anna’s brother was recently featured in an article in the Japanese magazine HUGE.  He got a full page all to himself, here is my translation of the article and caption:


“I think the future of printed media hinges on an independent perspective and attitude.  I mean, the magazine that we edit, Apartamento, if we wanted to we could give it a showier, more polished format.  But by going ahead with matte finish paper we gave it a more independent feel.  I think because of this people are are more likely to want to check it out.  The so called big sellers are too insistent  on being “modern” and I feel like they have forgotten to consider the future.  I mean, they just become like a blog or something.  Magazines that only run that kind of information, in the end, don’t last long.  In order to avoid disappearing you have to dig in really really deep.”

As an editor for a upcoming magazine that takes snippets from real life, Marco Velardi takes his influence to his job, fulfilling  any role he’s called to.  Beside that, the 26 year old also continues to support the Switzerland based pioneer zine, Nieves.  Surely, he embodies the curious spirit.  He continues,  as only an editor can, with words evocative of his keen sense.  It is the natural voice of a challenger not deterred by fear of failure.

“I’ve asked other people making independent magazines what the think about the future.  They told me to preserve quality and stick to your vision.  If you do that, they said, then the readers will follow.  After hearing that I realized that printed media won’t disappear so easily.  Even if the market changes, even magazines that have a small budget at first that preserve their quality can survive.  It’s because they have to contend with so much that they are strong.”


Marco Velardi, born 1982 in Novara Italy.  After studying business in London he returned home. He handles editing for the Spanish Apartamento and works as a special correspondent for the Swiss publisher Nieves.  In 2007 he opened his own office [SM] while continuing his work as and editor and remaining active in various fields.

It’s kind of weird translating an interview that was conducted in English then translated into Japanese back into English, I’d love to compare it with the original transcript.

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